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Add Us to Your Marketing Strategy

Frustrated with trying to figure out Facebook & Instagram ads? Intimidated by the budget necessary to run your commercial on TV or any of the major streaming platforms? Yea we were too! So we built an affordable pricing model that not only covers our costs but most importantly benefits YOU!

Promo Videos & Commercials

Because we empower our hosts to monetize their own shows we can provide our sponsors the opportunity to not only run their commercial on a talk show but also in between just like LIVE TV but to targeted viewers based on your business on ROKU TV, Firestick TV & our 24HR LIVE web-based streaming channel

Website Listing

All sponsors' website links are posted on each talk show's webpages (with its own traffic)* but also on QBTV's main sponsor page too! 

*available in select packages

Show Sponsorship Packages

Each show also has opportunities for segment sponsors (vocal endorsement), Flashes on Screen (website or social media), Product Placement, etc. We'll act as a liaison to getting access to these sponsorship opportunities

Magazine Ads & Press Releases

In partnership with Lāde magazine we're able to give you digital print exposure to a domestic & international audience. Quarter, half & full page ads, interviews on Boss Lādes, content writer opportunities, press releases and much more!

Social Media Marketing

Need to create a little more foot traffic to your social media pages? We'll list you in our sponsor highlight (standard for all sponsors) & post your promo on Saturdays in our stories (available in select packages)

Event Sponsorships

We will have our First Annual Brown Sugar Business Retreat in 2022. Our current sponsors will have the first invite access to be sponsors for that platform as well (at a 20% discount of course!). Deposits will be requested this year to secure your space

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